The Cut The Legs of The White Horses

04 June - 22 October 2017: They cut the legs of the white horses; Jorgen Haugen Sorensen and the artistic community

During the summer of 2017 Laesoe Kunsthal presents an exhibition with one of Denmarks most significant contemporary artists Jorgen Haugen Sorensen. Under the title "They Cut The Legs of The White Horses" an examination of through the sculpture, installation, textile and ceramics of the artist's exchange and collaboration with colleagues in the present time. Many of these meetings took place on Laesoe Island, which the artist had a close connection to during the 60s and 70s.

Participating artists: Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, Giovanni Meloni, Peter Lautrup, Eli Benveniste, Gregers Nielsen, Morten Sondergaard, Henrik Nordbrandt and Jette Mühlendorf.

The exhibition is the second in the series of great Danish visual artists with a close relationship to Laesoe. The first exhibition was "Kirkeby at Laesoe" with Per Kirkeby in 2016 and concludes with Asger Jorn in 2018.


Kristeligt Dagblad Anmeldelse Erik Steffensen

Catalogue Text by Nina Wöhlk

Photos © Jon Eirik Lundberg and Rasmus Rafn