Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Jorgen Haugen Sorensen at the Glyptoteket

26 June - 15 August 1980


Foreword by Hans Edvard Norregaard-Nielsen:

Glyptotek means a collection of sculptures. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has also brought paintings in context, but sculpture dominates. There are glimpses and more lingering passages showing sculpture from Antiquity to Modern times, the youngest art has not been represented, although the Glyptotek is not a complete collection of the time or collection areas.

It is during the last year emerged in the form of smaller acquisitions, the New Carlsberg Foundation has deposited some significant works of art in the museum, and between them a sculpture by Jorgen Haugen Sorensen. The sculptor is one of the most central in young Danish art and it is a pleasure for Glyptoteket to present him in a larger context.

The exhibition consists of two parts. One assembled by an individual, Helmer Jørgensen, representing a retrospective view of the artist. The earlier sculptures are thus not chosen among many possible, the Glyptotek is in its starting point, and perhaps still to be regarded as a huge private collection in the sense that the museum is not obligated to reflect art in all its facets, but can emphasize and highlight what seems best. In this context, we are pleased to have been allowed to include the smaller private collection. 

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen has for the purpose of this exhibition performed a number of smaller projects that are models for public works. In front of the Glyptotek for the duration of the exhibition period can be seen a large sculpture that has just been finished. Also incorporated are a few sculptures from the last decade that were deemed of importance to the whole. And Glyptoteket would like to thank Associate Professor Helmer Jørgensen, National Gallery of Art, and Louisiana who have lent out sculptures for the exhibition.

Photographer @ Jacob Haugen Sørensen