Galerie Ariel, Paris



Jean Pollak acquired Galerie Ariel, on Avenue de Messine in Paris, in 1952. He became one of Europe's leading art dealers in the second half of the 20th century, and turned Galerie Ariel into one of the most renowned galleries in Europe. For nearly 60 years Jean Pollak devoted his energy to promoting 'his' artists and art that he loved (and he liked to help others to love). Jean Pollak was a passionate art collector who, during his career as a gallerist, built his own collection, based on the works of artists, he exhibited at the Galerie Ariel, and with the works of other artists who were his contemporaries and often friends.

Allis Helleland, Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, A Biography:

"In Paris he exhibited in 1963 at the prestigious Galerie Ariel with a series of new large bronzes in similar challenging techniques and a content that still were with hints of post-war, and with equal success, for example. Horny Turk, We are not butterflies, What did they die from? (ill. p. 49) One of the other and Petit Portrait. The poet Christian Dotremont wrote a beautiful text in the catalog. The French critics were talking about an innovator of sculpture and praised him for his brilliant way of working with the demanding cire-perdue technique. In the Danish newspapers, he gave interviews in which he, with the arrogance of the conqueror massacred the art situation in Denmark, "the only place in the world where one does not see modern sculpture", "50 years behind", "Museum people have yet to go beyond Henri Laurens. "

Photographer @ Gregers Nielsen