Grønningen, 2021

Jørgen will be participating in Grønningen's exhibition this year, but can't be present at the opening, due to another event which will take place later this autumn in Denmark. - The unveiling of the almost 10 meter long graphic frieze "The Answer", which was created for the Court in Frederiksberg.
A taste of this frieze will be on display on the Grønningen exhibit together with the bronze sculpture "The man with the Dog".
Best regards from Jørgen and Eli

Grønningen 2021 // The Free Exhibition Building


Grønningen is an artists' association, where diversity, openness and scale have always been the focal point. Throughout the association's long history, artists have come together around the energy and affects of works rather than from a particular ideological or conceptual line. At this year's exhibition, the audience presents works by 38 members and 3 guests: Peter Linde Busk, Rasmus Nilausen and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. A total of 38 + 3 very different directions, across painting, photography, video, sculpture, ceramics, wallpaper, assemblage, textile, equestrian statue, performance and much more.


The great variation in work forms and expressions reflects the diversity of the art scene, where a multitude of different positions existed side by side in an open field. Instead of an overarching theme, the starting point is a wide range of ways in which art can exist, and a defense of the qualities of all that is not the same. Historically, greenery has continuously changed in step with the general shift in art and culture. I the association's current constellation there is nothing that is disqualified in advance. Everything is potentially valid as long as and individually takes responsibility for it and invests itself in it with tanker, body and handling. Diversity is thus not only a starting point but also a commitment that must constantly be reinvented in new past. Since 1915, Grønningen has had over 100 exhibitions in various places, of which this is the 17th exhibition at Den Frie. This year's exhibition is also a farewell to that of the association's longtime members, Stig Brøgger, who died earlier this year and Lone Høyer Hansen, who passed away in August.


Participating artists:

Poul Agger, Merete Barker, Katja Bjørn, Peter Bonnén, Peter Brandes, Stig Brøgger, Morten Buch, Ronald Burns, Peter Linde Busk (guest), Ruth Campau, Eva Steen Christensen, Viera Collaro, Anette Harboe Flensburg, Leonard Forslund, Erik A . Frandsen, Mads Gamdrup, Hjördis Haack, Ib Monrad Hansen, Lone Høyer Hansen, Nicolai Howalt, Kristofer Hultenberg, Poul Janus Ipsen, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Kirsten Justesen, Anita Jørgensen, Eske Kath, Eva Koch, Karin Lorentzen, Lise Malinovsky, Søren Martinsen , Michael Mørk, Mie Mørkeberg, Tina Maria Nielsen, Rasmus Nilausen (guest), Hans Pauli Olsen, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (guest), Trine Søndergaard, Arne Haugen Sørensen, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Jette Thyssen and Elisabeth Toubro.

Jørgen Haugen Sørensens bidrag til Grønningen 2021 på Den Frie