Eli Benveniste, 2017

The hall of S. Agostino was crowded and I sat at the podium, holding the connection from the computer to the projector to avoid the pictures being shown in yellow. But it worked – pictures from Jorgens life and work in Pietrasanta was shown during the ceremony where Jorgen was awarded the Fratelli Roselli price in Pietrasanta

Prof. Bruno Corá spoke clearly and it was really interesting about Medardo Rosso and Rodin - about the language and development of sculpture, from a different perspective than what I had heard of before and he mentioned in this context Boccioni - Fontana - Sorensen and got Jørgen’s work into an Italian context.

It was great and the whole room applauded when Jorgen received the award, but when the mayor Mallegni declared that Jorgen will get the city's major summer exhibition next year, an exhibition covering the museum, the church and the cathedral square, all rose up in an agreeing applause.

So when the two opera singers started singing Mozart, I was so moved that I shed a tear - thinking of all the years –, the whole story - it touched me and therefore we look so happy in the photos, because it was a happy moment.

I thank Jacob for his photos, Jacob, Jorgens oldest son and other friends came to visit for the different events. - The Saturday before Jorgen had opened an exhibition at Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea, a continuation on Jorgen's resent show in Hans Alf Gallery in Copenhagen - A Dark Story in White. We made a party the night before al Casa di popolo di Solaio celebrating with our friends from Pietrasanta.