Bornholm Art Museum

10 July - 11 September 2011

DIALOGUE - Jorgen Haugen Sorensen and Norbert Tadeusz. 


Bornholm Art Museum is proud to present two of Northern Europe's most important artists in dialogue.

Norbert Tadeusz work has not been presented on a larger scale in Denmark since 1985 and he is, despite its position in the international art scene, still relatively unknown at home, while Jørgen Haugen Sorensen is well known to the Danish public and Bornholm Art Museum has previously shown several major exhibitions of the artist.

The exhibition has been a dialogue exhibition seems almost obvious when you once have regarded the two artists. They work both in a figurative and narrative idiom based on the same generational experience and they are both difficult rubricerbare in the way they have chosen to manage the tradition on which they rely.

Norbert Tadeusz argues adamantly that he just paints what he sees, but often he chooses to place the viewer in a wry bird's eye view, so we almost as in a terrarium look into the world, we ourselves are a part. Haugen Sørensen's imagery is based more on a recklessness and a operation to uncover human folly, almost like Pieter Breughel caricatured allegories. 

Although we can immediately read the purely motivational, offers both artists a number of underlying layer with a clear agenda compared to the way we manage our lives.

Art History can be enumerated a number of essential elements for both artists work, Francisco Goya's Black Paintings, Auguste Rodin's romantic sculptures, Picasso's surrealistic drawings, Max Bechmann's expressive paintings, Francis Bacon's distorted human depictions or Lucian Freud sensual carnality, yet it ranks not to fully understand the pathways Norbert Tadeusz and Jørgen Haugen Sørensen has chosen.

As in Dante's Divine Comedy takes artists us on a journey through hell and purgatory and - perhaps - to paradise.