Biographical Overviews

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Before and a Little After, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen

2021 The Man with the Dog, Prato

2020 A Dark Story in White, Messums Wiltshire, England

2020 A Dark Story in White, Messums London, England

2020 Crowding at The Gate of Stupidity, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen

2019 Time Meets Time, a dialog exhibition at the J.F. Willumsens Museum

2019 The Innocent Guilty, Vianden, Luxembourg

2018 The Milky Way, The Italian Cultural Institute Copenhagen, with Giovanni Meloni   

2018 The Innocent Guilty, Hans Alf Gallery

2017 They cut the legs off the white horses, Læsø Kunsthal, Denmark, with Giovanni Meloni

2017 The Crowd, Piazza del Duomo, Chiesa e Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, Pietrasanta, Italy

2017 The Crowd, Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea, Pietrasanta Italy 

2016 A Dark Story in White, Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea

2016 A Dark Story in White, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen

2015 Domino Effects: Drawings, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen

2014 The judgement, or Something I read, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen

2014 Justitio and the Witnesses, Thorvaldsen museum, Copenhagen

2013 They know, what they do!, Skovgaardmuseet, Viborg

2013 The Black Songbook, Bronze sculptures, Gallery Profilen, Århus

2013 The Black Songbook, Drawings, Brøndums Forlag

2013 Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Gustavsberg Porslinsmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Eli Benveniste in Oaxaca, Espacio Escultórico, La Telaraña, Mexico

2011 Jørgen Haugen Sørensen in Cisternerne; Cisternerne, Copenhagen 

2011 In Dialogue, with Norbert Tadeusz, Bornholm Art Museum. 

2010 Pastryplatters for a Nation in War, Svanekegaarden, Bornholm

2010 Horsemongers, Gallery Claus Christensen, Copenhagen with Thomas Boberg

2008 The witnesses - The Others, Det ny Kastet, Thisted

2008 The Alphabet of Time, Gallery Profilen, Århus with Eli Benveniste

2008 Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, Exposition Centro Fotográfico, Oaxaca Mexic

2007 While We Wait, Sculpture Street, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

2007 Drawings and poems, Gallery Claus Christensen, Copenhagen, with Merete Pryds Helle 

2005 Before and Soon after, Edison, Frederiksberg, with Peter Lautrop 

2004That’s Why They Call Them Dogs, Felleshuset der Nordischen Botschaften, Berlin 

2004 That’s Why They Call Them Dogs, Bornholm’s Museum of Art

2004 Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Eli Benveniste, Brøndsalen, Copenhagen

2004 A New Agreement, Galleri Veggerby

2002 Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway

2001 Time, Cause and the Undecidable, 2001, Museum da Mae d´Agua das Amoreiras, Lisbon, Portugal 

2001 Gaia, Porto, Portugal; Castelo de Vide, Portugal

2000 I Think I See, Sophienholm, Copenhagen 

2000 I Think I See, Retrospective, Art Centre Silkeborg Bad

1999 Silent Witness, Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca; 

1999 Museo de Xalapa, Mexico

1999 I Think I See, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

1998 Retrospective, Esbjerg Museum of Art

1998 Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen

1997 Hillerød Municipality

1997 Franz Pedersens Kunsthandel, Horsens, with Troels Wörsel

1996 The Museum of Sketches in Lund, Sweden, with Steffan Nielén

1996 Stone and Clay, Frederiks Bastion, Copenhagen

1996 Galerie Anne Marie, Copenhagen, with Giovanni Meloni

1996 Can Alti Mira, Barcelona, Spain

1995 Clay Sculptures, Bornholm’s Museum of Art

1993 Retrospective, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England.

1993 Retrospective, Charlottenborg, with Carl Henning Petersen, Copenhage

1993 Brøndum Grafik, with Gregers Nielsen

1992 Galleri Movitz, Stockholm, Sweden, with Rikard Larsson

1991 The Cyclops, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with Christian Lemmerz

1991 Halkbank Sanart Galerisi, Ankara, Turkey

1991 Dolmebache Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

1989 Kunsthallen, Copenhagen

1983 San José Museum of Art, California, USA

1983 Centro Storico, Prato, Italy

1982 Charles Cowles Gallery, New York

1981 Attitudes, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England with Walter Dusenberry, Lee Gran Jean and Glynn Williams

1980 Jørgen Haugen Sørensen at the Glyptotek, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

1979 Randers Museum of Art

1976 Retrospective, Nordjyllands Museum of Art, Ålborg, with Arne Haugen Sørensen

1976 Retrospective, Sonja Henies og Niels Onstads Stiftelser, Høvikodden, Norway Galerie Nord, Randers 

1975 Retrospective, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen with Arne Haugen Sorensen                  

1975 Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, with painter Giovanni Meloni

1974 i.e. Grafik, Copenhagen, with Giovanni Meloni and Peter Lautrop

1968 Souvenir, Aarhus Museum of Art with Per Arnoldi 

1967 Galleria Ferrari, Verona, Italy

1966 Gallerie Focus, Paris, France, with Arne Haugen Sørensen

1964 Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk with Tajiri, Ghermandi and Willy Ørskov, transfers to Sweden.

1963 Galerie Ariel, Paris, France

1961 Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, Italy

1960 Galerie Birch, Copenhagen

1957 Falk Jensen, Athenæum, Copenhagen


Group exhibitions

The artists’ society Decembristerne, 1956-1976

The artists’ society Grønningen, 1979-1989 and from 1997-2021

Veksølund, exhibition venue for sculpture, since 1978-2010


2020 Beyond the Vessel: Narratives in Contemporary European Ceramics, Messums Wiltshire

2019 Norman X Brask Art Collections

2019 Beyond the Vessel, Curated by Messums Wiltshire, at the Meşher gallery in Istanbul for the Koç Foundation

2018 BAU, Book Launch, La Triennale di Milano, GAMC Viareggio Italy

2011 Festival of ceramics, Brandpunkt Terra, Oude Kerk, Delft Holland.

2010 The patriarchs, Museum of religious art, Lemvig; Stiftung Christliche Kunst Wittenberg, Germany, with Bjørn Nørgaard, Bodil Kaalund og Ingvar Cronhammar.

2010 Across, Valby, Copenhagen.

2008 Cosa guardi? Grafiche Aurora, Verona Italy

2008 10° Festival Internacional de Puebla, Mexico.

2006 Gallery Profilen, Århus

2004 Gallery Profilen, Århus, with Erik A. Frandsen, John Olsen and Jens Birkemose

2002 Gallery Profilen, Århus

1999 Premio Internazionale di Scultura Constantino Nivola, The Danish Academy in Rome, Italy

1998 IX Biennale Internazionale di scultura Cittá di Carrara, Italy

1997 Tide, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1997 Images of Denmark, National Theatre in Accra, Ghana

1996 Mostra Internazionale di Scultura, All´aperto, Gambarogno, Lago Maggiore, Schweiz

1996 Danish Sculpture of 125 Years, Denmark

1995 Human Touch, Trondheims Kunstforening 150 Years, Norway

1995 Border District Exhibition 1970-1995, Denmark

1994 Art Exchange Madras Scandinavia Tamil Nadu, India

1989Drawings and Sculptures, Bikuben Foundation, travelling exhibition, Denmark

1989 Idiomi Della Sculpture Contemporanea, 3a rassegna internazionale di scultura, Verona, Italy

1989 BIO 2. Bienal Internacional de Escultura Contemporánea de Ópidos, Portugal

1988 Sculpture, Carvings from Carrara, Massa and Pietrasanta, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England

1988 Represents Denmark in the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seoul, Korea, with Robert Jacobsen

1986 The Danish Show, Sculpture, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England

1986 Scultura di Passaggio, Montignoso, Italy

1984 The Danes, Liljevalchs Kulturhus, Stockholm, Sweden

1984 Scultura Disegnata, Enrico Crispolti, Rome, Italy

1984 Night of Lead and Ashes, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1983 Il Passato E La Presenza, Cittá di Pietrasanta, Italy

1981 Scultori e artigiani in un centro storico, Pietrasanta, Italy

1981 Paris - Copenhagen, Galerie Birch in Den Frie exhibition hall, Copenhagen

1980 XI International Sculpture Conference, Washington DC, USA

1979 15 Biennale, Middelheim Sculpture Park, Antwerp, Belgium

1978 70 Scultori Contemporanei, Sommacampagna, Verona, Italy

1977 Forme Nel Verde, S. Quirico D’Orcia; Abbadia S. Salvatore, Italy

1977 Art Is Better Than Gold, Galerie Birch, København

1977 4 artisti Danesi, with Arne Haugen Sørensen, Robert Jacobsen, Egill Jacobsen, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy

1976 V 1976: VII 1980; IX 1984; XI 1988 International Drawing Biennale, Moderna Galerija, Rijeca,Yugoslavia

1976 A Selection of Danish Artists after 1945, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen

1975 III International Biennale for small sculptures, Budapest, Hungary

1975 Forma Viva, International Symposium of Sculptors 73/76, Maribor, Yugoslavia

1975 Cole and Steiness Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

1974 The Free Artists, Den Frie, Galerie Birch, Copenhagen, and Northern Jutland Museum of Art

1973 Art Danoise, Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, France

1971 Cuardernos del Taller, Clot, Bramsen et Georges, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico

1969 Jysk Kunstgalleri, Sven Hansen, Copenhagen

1967 Young Danish Art, Fond. Pagani, Milan, Italy

1967 Young Danish Art 1942-1967, Den Frie, Charlottenborg, 

1967 Pittsburgh International Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

1967 Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

1966 The Twelve, Internasjonal Billedkunst, Bergen, Stavanger, Norway; 

1966 Jeune Sculpture, Musée Rodin, Paris, France, 1966, 1969, catalogue

1966 Galerie Birch, Copenhagen

1965 Travelling exhibition in Germany, Holland and Poland

1964 Danish Abstract Art, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas; Florida Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida; Robertson Memorial Art Center, Binghampton, New York; The Art Museum, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire; National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Inst., Washington D.C.

1961 The Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture, 

1961 Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

1961 IV, V VI Concorso Internazionale del Bronzetto, Padua, Italy, 1963 and 1965

1959 Youth Biennale in Paris 1959 and 1963; wins critics’ prize 1963, 1965

1959 Travelling exhibitions in Holland, Austria, Sweden and Norway

1958 The Horticultural Society’s garden, Frederiksberg

1958 Seven Young Talents in Danish Art, Kunstforeningen, Oslo, Norge

1958 Biennale in Venice, Italy with Palle Nielsen, Poul Christensen and Sigurd Vasegaard

1958 3 Sculpteurs et 7 Peintres-Graveurs, Maison du Danemark, Paris, France

1957 The Permanent, Aarhus

1957 Modern Danish Art, travelling exhibition in Sweden

1957 Modern Danish Art, Gentofte Town Hall

1957 Modern Danish Art, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1957 Danish Art, travelling exhibition in Holland

1956 Summer Exhibition 1956, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1954 Artists’ Autumn Exhibition, Copenhagen

Kunst 1954, Børge Birch, Charlottenborg Copenhagen

1954 Sculptor and 3 Painters, Galerie Athenæum, Copenhagen

1953 Charlottenborg’s Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen



2019 Three filmportraits of Jørgen Haugen Sorensen, by Malene Ravn

2017 The Crowd, Pietrasanta, Enrico Chelli

2016 Filmportrait of Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, TV2 Bornholm

2014 Art sees through society, Louisiana Channel

2007 I Think I See. New portrait film by Malene Ravn. A portrait of Jørgen HaugenSørensen’s work in clay over the last ten years; subsidised by the Danish Film Institute, L.F. Foght’s Foundation, Beckett Foundation and Danish Radio 

1993 An Experience Less, directed and produced by Eli Benveniste, Lars Beyer, Dino Raymond Hansen and Prami Larsen; subsidised by the Danish Film Workshop, TV2/Denmark, Mediekontoret and Harboe’s Foundation

1971 Ferdinand Cheval, the Country Postman, with photographer Gregers Nielsen, Jette Mühlendorph and Kaj Linnemann; subsidized by the Danish Film Institute

1970 Barcelona, with photographer Gregers Nielsen, Jette Mühlendorph and Peter Lautrop, subsidized by the Danish Film Institute

1969 Portrait of Ole, with photographer Gregers Nielsen

1965 JHS, with photographer Gregers Nielsen; subsidised by the Danish Film Institute


Prizes and scolarships

2016 Premio Fratelli Roselli – Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel mondo

1998 Haslunds Kunstnerfond

1994 Anne Marie Carl Nielsen

1984 The Danish Arts Foundation’s lifelong grant

1977 Premio Europeo Umberto Biancamano 

1970 Victor Freund 

1970 Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen 

1965 The Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year stipend

1963 The Critics’ Prize at the Youth Biennale, Paris

1960 New Carlsberg Foundation’s Rome stipend

1959 Kai Nielsen 

1959 Carlson’s Prize 

1958 The French State Grant 

1958 The Academy 1956 

1956 Bielke 



1979 Thorvaldsen’s Medal 1979

1969 The Eckersberg Medal 


Sculptures standing in public Denmark 

2019 The Shadow, The Court at Frederiksberg

2014 Justitio, The Witnesses, two travertine sculptures the Copenhagen City Court, Courthouse.

2012 A Self-appointed Miracle Awaits a New One, Bornholms Kunstmuseum.

2011 The Colossus of Amager, The New Carlsberg Foundation to Tårnby Municipality.

2011 The Brothers Guilt and Sorrow, Bornholms Kuntmuseum.

2011 Five white ceramic reliefs to The City Court, Courthouse, Copenhagen: An experience Less; Crowd at the Gate of Stupidity; That’s Why They Call Them Dogs or Dogfight; Chaos and The Totalitarian 

2010 Pastry platters for a nation in war, The New Carlsberg Foundation.

2010 Lump with Support, Danish National Bank, Copenhagen

2008 While we Wait, Finn Poulsen, Herning.

2008 The Royal Thought, Sct. Catharinæ Stiftelsen, Hjørring 

2006 The Solrød Stone, Solrød

2005 That’s Why They Call Them Dogs, a big group of dogs in clay, the National Gallery of Art.

2004 That’s Why They Call Them Dogs, the Panum Institute, Copenhagen

2002 The Lowest of Heavens or Like Holding Back the Sea with a Broomstick a gift from Teacher Stan Its Brandforsikring to the National Gallery of Art.

2001 A Rest and Two that Carry a Cute One, Klampenborgvej, Lyngby

1995 Two That Carry a Cute One, Posen, Fisketorvet, Hillerød

1995 Stupidity’s Big Foot, Ribe

1994 Shadows of Yesterday, Katrine Mindes Teglværk, Broager

1993 The House That Rains, Sankt Hans Torv, Copenhagen

1993 Construction for the Dead, Himmelev Senior High School, Roskilde

1992 The One That Apparently Supports, Ikast

1991 Vulgar Accumulation, Karup Lufthavn, Karup

1990 The Ikast Stone, Frisenborgparken, Ikast

1990 The Bound, Studiegården, Copenhagen

1989 Lump with Strong Supports, RUC-Roskilde University Centre

1988 The Herning Stone, Herning

1988 Stone on Stone, KTAS, Copenhagen

1988 Stone on Stone, Jyske Bank, Silkeborg

1987 Those That Look Like Each Other, Horsens Kunstmuseum

1986 Those That Carry and Push, Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni A/S, Søborg

1986 The Locked, Art Museum, Køge Skitsesamling

1983 The Angular Ones Carry and The Smooth Ones Slide, Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen

1981 Those That Carry Each Other, Herning Technical College

1980 They Move, Get Heavy and Die, Sønderborg

1979 The Sønderborg Sculpture, Sønderborg pedestrian street

1979 Sculpture Group for the University of Copenhagen, Amager

1977 The Blue One That Crawls over the Red One, Kastrupgård, Tårnby

1973 Sculpture Group for the Danish School of Journalism, Århus

1969 Sculpture Group for Herning College of Business

1964 The Memory Plunger, Århus Senior High School


Sculptures standing in public outside Denmark

2017 The Crowd, Pietrasanta, Italy

2012 Supplement to the title's elimination, Yorkshire Sculpture Park 

2001 The Alentejo Stone, Castelo de Vide, Portugal

1994 The Ship, The Weight, The Walls, LTH, University of Lund, Sweden

1992 Tashankara, Ankara, Turkey

1990 Grief, The French University in Istanbul, Turkey

1988 Industrial Erection, The Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea

1981 The House Sunbathing, The Danish Academy, Rome. Moved to San Cataldo, Scala, Italy in 2018

1981 Municipal Sculpture, Prato, Italy

1976 Forma Viva, International Symposium of Sculptors 73/76, Maribor, Yugoslavia


Represented at the following museums in Denmark

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Bornholms Kunstmuseum

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

Fyns Kunstmuseum, Odense

Herning Kunstmuseum

Horsens Kunstmuseum

Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Ålborg

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Kastrupgårdsamlingen, Kastrup

Kunstmuseet Trapholt, Kolding

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad

Kunstmuseet Køge Skitsesamling

Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

Randers Kunstmuseum

Silkeborg Kunstmuseum

Skive Kunstmuseum

Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

Storstrøms Kunstmuseum, Maribo

Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tønder

Vejle Kunstmuseum

Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Sorø


Represented at the following museums and collections outside Denmark

Helsingborg Museum, Sweden

Jönköping Museum, Sweden

Lunds Arkivmuseum, Lund, Sweden

Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo, Norway

Sonja Henies og Niels Onstads Stiftelser, Høvikodden, Norway

Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, U.S.A.

The French University in Istanbul, Turkey

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, England

Portofino Sculpture Park, Portofino, Portugal

Museo Dei Bozzetti Pietrasanta, Italy

Ömer Koç, Istanbul, Turkey


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