In this series of photos from Pietrasanta (© Photographer Patricia Francescetti) you can follow Jørgen Haugen Sørensen in process with the drawings for the frieze "The Answer" for the Frederiksberg Court.


The almost 10 meter long graphic frieze, consisting of 6 framed and coherent works, will hang in the corridor area inside the Frederiksberg Court.


Jørgen Haugen Sørensen describes the idea behind the frieze as follows:

On the frieze you see a group of people standing and looking at the "Answer". Further on, other flocks approach curiously, while the large group, at the end of the frieze, stays at a proper distance. Are they uninterested, or cautious?

"... The frieze that I would like to create for the corridor area within the Frederiksberg Court is connected with the sculpture, which stands outside the court, in Skyggens Plads. Skyggen is a figure, looking for answers to questions. It is a picture of an experience, a self-inflicted experience one could say. It considers its own image and questions its actions. And if the Shadow asks questions, the frieze is about seeking answers ... "

The answer is everywhere, it lies within every single thing, but at the same time the unfortunate situation for all of us is that we cannot decipher it - that the answer is without code.

This is why we constantly have to work with our society and interpersonal relationships as the answers change all the time.

We keep the conversation open and in motion.


The graphic work is done with fotogravure, a technique that not only reproduces the work precisely on paper, it intensifies the color in its own distinctive way. The graphic workshop Benveniste Contemporary in Madrid is responsible for the execution of the frieze.

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