Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, The man with the dog, 2021

29 May - 10 October 2021

THE MAN WITH THE DOG - Jørgen Haugen Sørensen returns to Prato

Jorgen Haugen Sorensen has been invited to do a large solo exhibition, ‘The man with the dog’, in Prato, Italy which will take place from 29 May - 10 October 2021.

The exhibition will be on display in various places in the center of Prato:

Museo di Palazzo Pretorio

Castello dell’Imperatore

Cassero Medievale

In 1983, almost 40 years ago, Jorgen Haugen Sorensen was invited to show a large solo exhibition in Prato, a beautiful medieval and renaissance city. The city is known for its textile industry and is located near Florence in Italy. It became a magnificent exhibition with banners hanging all over the city, a large poster and a catalogue with the introduction of art critic and historian Enrico Crispolti. At that time, Haugen Sorensen exhibited large monumental sculptures in travertine erected in the city's public squares. See photos on the website HERE

Prato City's summer exhibition this year will consist of Haugen Sorensen's latest works in bronze, jesmonite and ceramics. In addition, a new distinctive graphic print will be shown in the form of a 10 meters long graphic frieze, which after the exhibition will be installed permanently in a corridor area inside the Court in Frederiksberg in Denmark.

To curate the exhibition and to write the text of the catalogue (which will be published in Italian and English), we have chosen the internationally renowned Italian art historian Bruno Corá, who also curated Haugen Sorensen's retrospective exhibition the Crowd in Pietrasanta in 2017.

With the approximately 25,000 visitors The Crowd reached far and wide, and also aroused special interest from the director of the Museo Palazzo Pretorio in Prato, Rita Iacopino, who has now taken the initiative for this summer's exhibition in Prato. Bruno Corá therefore wants to curate a continuation of the exhibition in Pietrasanta and take as his starting point Haugen Sorensen's latest works from the series: The Innocent Guilty, which was shown for the first time on J.F. Willumsens Museum, summer 2019.

In the Palazzo Pretorio museum itself, the exhibition will be displayed in the large hall on the ground floor. Here, Rita Iacopino and cultural coordinator Simone Mangani from Prato have expressed a desire to show the sculpture group of dogs with the title "That's why they call them dogs" from 2002. On the back wall in a marked field, a large relief "Congestion at the Gate of Stupidity" will be displayed.

Outside the exhibition hall in the Palazzo Pretorio is a Cortile, an open courtyard well suited for exhibiting the sculptures "Why" and "The Innocent Guilty". 

From the Museo Palazzo Pretorio, the exhibition will continue to Castello dell’Imperatore, where one of the standing sculptures from "That's why they call them dogs" will be placed in one of the towers, referring to Pisa city's lion on the city wall around Miracles Square.

In addition, we have had the opportunity to show the almost 10 meters long framed frieze, which is being executed at the graphic workshop Benveniste Contemporary in Madrid to the Court in Frederiksberg. It will be exhibited in the long corridor (il Cassero Medievale) that runs from the city wall and into the Castello. In the same corridor, we will also exhibit several of Haugen Sorensen's white ceramic works.

The works "The Superfluous" and "Drone sound" will be exhibited together with Haugen Sorensen's latest works in the garden, which is an extension of il Cassero Medievale.

From the Presentation of the exhibition catalogue "The Man with the Dog"

Photos from the exhibition and opening