Museum da Mae d'Agua das Amoreiras, Lissabon, 2001

Because I Think I See


The deepest silence is the silence we feel when we touch granite on a cold, damp morning or on an evening emanating voluptous body-like warmth. The light the granite returns to Nature is pertubing in its brightsness, provoking in us a feeling of deep gratitude for harmony and perfection.

A hidden story of the inter-relationship between Mother Earth and the water, the wind, the body, the spirit and the emotion. Granite is the Portugese stone we can trust with our own story.

Jorgen Haugen Sorensen felt this in the soul of the stone, sculpting it into beautiful pieces that reflect our own feeling: Public Opinions, Those Who Avoid, or the Alentejo Stone that was donated by the artist to the town of Castelo de Vide.

The Water Museum is pleased to have the honor of hosting, in its Lioz Temple, Jorgen Sorensens The Time, The Cause and The Indefinable, bringing together granite and ceramics to pay tribute to creativity as the only alternative to Fear.

Like Knowledge, Art is also universal, through rare is the master able to give body to the ectasy and plenitude of creativity as the only alternative to Fear.

Because I Think I See is a statement of the dimension of the artist's being within the humble scale of infinite knowledge.


Fotograf Jørgen Haugen Sørensen & Eli Benveniste