Massimiliano Simoni, 2017

I remember the first time I met Sørensen. It was June 2000 and, as Counselor to Culture, thanks to the unforgettable Pierluigi Gherardi, I was able to appreciate his activity towards not only his creativity, but also for the Museo dei Bozzetti of Pietrasanta, having contributed since 1985 to its realization and development.

Therefore, I am particularly touched in having hosted, inside of the S.T.ART project, this extraordinary solo show of the Danish Maestro in the heart of our City.

His works evoke a broad-spectrum of joint frames of minds, a medley of suggestions and a multitude of impressions, being able in an exemplary way to represent the contemporary humanity. It is not by coincidence that his works are placed in some of the best museums worldwide, among which the MoMA of New York, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and the Statens Museum for Kunst of Copenhagen as well as in Turkey, England and Italy. Sørensen transformed his plastic forms into his creative and artistic ensign, which have established him in the cultural environments of the whole world. Hence I am proud that Sørensen has shown in Pietrasanta, a place that he has elected as his home, bringing once more this city at the center of the art world and culture.

As seal of this solid relationship, it is to highlight that the two monumental bronzes, which all Summer long has adorn the square and the historical center, are the result of the synergy between the artist of the artisan excellences of our territory: in fact, the castings are by Fonderia Artistica Mariani, the historical workshop, where have been created some of the most important works of contemporary art that constellate museums and squares of the whole world.

The impressive work entitled “The Crowd” will remain to the Community of Pietrasanta and to its visitors. This is another reason of pride and a gesture, for which my deepest thank you goes to the Maestro and to the New Carlsberg Foundation. A gesture that is even more appreciated, since this is the first time that the New Carlsberg Foundation gives a contribution to the realization of a work committed to be out of the borders of Denmark. 

Sørensen’s exhibition brings with it an added value. In fact, it has been an integral part of the DAP Festival, an innovative and exclusive event, unique example in the world of a contamination between Dance and Art, both presented and offered to the public in their highest expression of excellence. The Dap Festival and Sørensen’s exhibition, inseparably tight together, are the essence of the S.T.ART Great Events project, which was born in fact in order to put together the different artistic expressions, cultural events, and shows, that our City is able to offer.

On this regard, by Sørensen is the sscenography, that will be beautifully presented at the Gran Gala. 

Massimiliano Simoni, S.T.ART Artistic Director