Four sculptors - together with Tajiri, Ghermandi and Oerskov 

Allis Helleland, Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, A Biography:

"At the new Louisiana in the new modernist building, they now exhibited more foreign modernism and contemporary art than Danish art. Jorgen contributed to the internationalization of the Danish art scene, when he in 1964 exhibited some of his big tube sculptures and new bronzes at Louisiana, and brought his frieds from abroad with him, the Japanese sculptor Tajiri and the Italian sculptor Ghermandi and Danish Willy Oerskov, whom he spent much time in Paris.

The exhibition confirmed that both Jorgen and Oerskov had moved away from the Danish tradition and were now operating at a high international level. Both lived abroad and could bring their rethinking of the sculpture, back to Denmark. But the exhibition also showed that their way to revolutionizing the sculpture was significantly different. Oerskovs theoretical approach was miles away from Jorgens focus on the relationship between content and form - a difference, they repeatedly showed in their longstanding friendship and which in the longer term also meant that they moved away from each other.

The exhibition at the new Louisiana was going forward. The innovative way of working with the sculpture was happening, and the title of Jorgens big tongue-shaped bronze sculpture Memorial-svupperen (ill. P. 50-51) was chosen deliberately. It was all about breaking the old down, thinking differently and constantly experimenting. 

New Carlsberg Foundation bought the sculpture, which some years later was put outside the new state grammar school in Aarhus, where Asger Jorn large ceramic relief was in the main hall."

Photographer @ Gregers Nielsen