Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand

7 March - 6 April 1975

Arne Haugen Sorensen - Jorgen Haugen Sorensen

Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, 1975:

For the viewer.

I have preferred to write a few lines myself in order to avoid an introduction, which could easily turn into a pure distortion of history or a guarantee of quality - for quality work with the rules: "The highest are the wisest, the low the stupidest, the rich the most beautiful, the poor the most embarrassing".

When a sculpture is finished it must fend for itself, and then talk to the viewer without help - so I'll leave it to the viewer to assess my work. I've made a selection of 18 sculptures and sculpture groups from 1955 until today; but the 18 sculptures cannot give a complete picture of so many years of work, since my perception of sculpture in time has changed many times - alternating between crises and optimism. I still hope that this exhibition will provide an overview and understanding of my work.

Yours sincerely Jorgen Haugen Sorensen

We thank Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand for lending us photos as well as press clippings.