The Crowd - Dap Dance Festival 2017

"The DAP 2017 festival has its roots in the strong artistic bonds I have with both the Cultural Institutes of the City of Pietrasanta and the Royal Danish Theater.  DAP 2017 features the collaboration between Sebastian Kloborg, Kim Helweg, and the Master of Sculpture Jørgen Haugen Sørensen.  

For more than half a century, Sørensen’s art stands out in the international Art World as an "exploration of the continuous narrative of existential conditions of this generation." Klorborg’s dance creations are meaningfully expressed through a beautiful contemporary language outlined by strong significance, and Helweg has decades of experience with classical and contemporary dance at the Royal Danish Theatre, and his work is an expression of the contemporary Scandinavian musical genius.

The value of this Danish triad lies in the combination of the artistic experience of a Master like Sørensen, the beautiful intensity of Kim Helweg’s musical composition, with the sparkling, innovative, and exciting young artistic choreographic talent of Sebastian Klorborg."

Adria Ferrali

Sculpture Ballet, The Crowd, 2017, Pietrasanta

Photos Luca Di Bartolo

Skulpturballetten The Crowd, 2017, København

Casper Koeller on Facebook about:

THE CROWD - A sculpture, a choreography and a piece of music

Sculpture Ballet at Ofelia Plads, Royal Danish Playhouse ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Death, love, togetherness and loneliness in the backing sun. That was what we got served when Sebastian Kloborg presented his amazing dance performance The Crowd at Ofelia Plads at the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen.

He has created it for the Italian festival Danza in Arte a Pietrasanta, and after the performance in Italy, the performance was performed in brilliant sunshine at Ofelia's Square.

And what a triumph for Sebastian Kloborg, who together with composer Kim Helweg and sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen has created their very own fusion category in dance, music and sculpture art; Sculpture Ballet.

The four dancers - Thomas Johansen, Elena Martinez, Ana Sendas and Csongor Szabo - were all beautiful, touching, sensual and raw in their living of the interdisciplinary collaboration, and together with - or rather: up to the dominant sculpture, their dance and expression in the sun absolutely wonderful.

And of course, Kim Helweg's inciting music hit the emotions without overcrowding them, although at times - with full conviction - they were torn one way with the music and the other with the dance.

Lovely that the performing arts do not go to sleep just because it's summer ... 😊.


Photos © Casper Koeller & Ofelia Plads