Jakob Fibiger Andreasen, 2017

Making art matter is the purpose of the New Carlsberg Foundation. The same could be said of Jørgen. Making art matter is also the purpose of Jørgen’s work. He brings form to matter in such a poetic and violent way that it strikes us like a knock-out. He also succeeds in making his art truly matter.

Forget art theory. Forget the self-scrutiny of art. Jørgen wants to get a message across to us, and he seems to know what he is up against. Everyday we are bombarded with images to such an extend that we become almost numb. Jørgen works like a wake-up call.

He works in images that address the human condition in an age of wealth, stupidity, intolerance and inequality. The Crowd is no exception. Here Jørgen makes us scrutinize the crowd as phenomena. The ghostlike figures seem to merge into one. Perhaps an expression of unity, solidarity or even comfort. But for outsiders the crowd easily becomes an oppressive and excluding entity. Jørgen’s crowd could simply be a group of people. It might be a community or even a nation – too self-sufficient, too scared to engage with a larger world. The Crowd could be Brexit, it could be Europe in a time of mass immigration. His crowd could be a lot of things: That is the genius of Jørgen’s art: it is rarely pretty in a classical sense, but always important in a universal sense.

Jakob Fibiger Andreasen, New Carlsberg Foundation 2017