Hans Alf Gallery

27 November 2015 - 15 January 2016

Jorgen Haugen Sorensen - Domino Effects: Drawings 2015

The show, which also heralds the conclusion of an exciting year for Hans Alf Gallery, revolves exclusively around Jorgen Haugen Sorensen’s accomplishments as a draughtsman. In a series of some seventy drawings, the artist – whose eighty-first year on earth has seen almost unparalleled creative vitality – comments on the state of the world in his usual artless and sardonic but always graceful manner.

As if the actual ambition was to fuse the multitude of images Haugen Sorensen has evoked and examined throughout his career, “Domino Effects” cleverly encapsulates the trembling and frailty of time by engaging all the well-known elements: The man about to finish the final part of his quota; a crowd in dissolution; a woman getting intimate with time; the confrontation; dog fights and all the witnesses. With Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, all is ever-present through the enormous bricolage of society, the merciless fist of time; closed and clenched in a single, eloquent gesture from one of the principal polemicists of contemporary Danish art.

“Domino Effects: Drawings 2015” runs until January 15th and will be followed by yet another Jorgen Haugen Sorensen show in August 2016, when Hans Alf Gallery presents an exclusive selection from the artists most resent sculpture production.

Link to photos of drawings HERE

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