Hans Alf Gallery

21 March - 3 May 2014

The Judgement, or something I read

Lars Kaerulf Moller: "When you have seen Jorgen working the clay and experienced the ease with which he subdues it and gives it form, seeing how he sinks into an almost meditative unconscious state, where the hand works almost like a mechanical tool for thought and the internal image he has in his head, one might be led to believe that the process of creation is easy.

Nothing could be more wrong. Prior to every work are long and often painful reflections, countless handwritten notes, sketches both on paper and in clay and often a large number of repetitions of the same theme, before the final expression has found its form.

The images Haugen Sorensen put forward for us, are the exact images we don not want to see. The images, that in the most loathsome of manners exhibit our own dark sides and even celebrates them for their inherent honesty ...


Installationphotos Per Morten Abrahamsen. Photos of works Simone Sandahl